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This responsibility is required to supervise the development and administration of company safety policies and procedures. He or she is expected to ensure employees are well educated and enlightened and safety and security policies of the Company. This person will work hand in hand with the QA/QC department to ensure proper safety policies in bidding processes


  • Educating employees on Company’s safety policies and procedures.
  • Organizing and facilitating safety training for all employees
  • Noting and identifying any unsafe acts in other to teach other employees.
  • Providing regular safety tips for employees
  • Developing and preparing a safety bulletin for the company and for employees
  • Liaising with other companies within the industry for safety related matters
  • Ensuring all drivers and security personnel are trained in safety
  • Supervising safety activities and initiatives
  • Organizing safety training and muster points from time to time
  • Ensuring safety policies and procedures are effectively represented in bids.
  • Provide QHSE assistance to the Lead on Projects
  • Collation of HSE Report
  • QHSE Performance measurement
  • Coordination of Safety meetings
  • Liaise with the Safety wardens to conduct safety drills
  • Promotion of HSE Programs and awareness within the organization
  • QHSE Inspection and Auditing
  • Provision of HSE support to other units
  • To keep the company’s Health & Safety policy up to date.
  • To monitor the implementation of the company’s Health & Safety policy, drawing any concerns to the attention of the manager incharge.
  • To be the first point of contact for dealing with identified hazards in the company.
  • To establish and implement a system for reporting hazards.
  • To liaise regularly with site management staff over identified hazards within their area of responsibility.
  • To undertake regular inspections of the office premises to identify any potential hazards.
  • To conduct investigations into accidents to staff reporting to the HSE and County.
  • To be responsible for conducting fire drills and monitoring their effectiveness.
  • To establish and conduct a risk assessment procedure, and co-ordinate all risk assessments throughout the company.
  • To attend Premises Committee meetings to report on Health & Safety issues


  • B.Sc./HND /Diploma in Safety Related function/Administration or relevant certification with experience managing safety or security in the oil and gas industry.

  • 2 – 5-years preferably in the oil and gas sector.

  • The incumbent is should be athletically and physically fit. He should be alert and highly proactive in security. The incumbent will be training several employees in safety matters thus is required to be grounded on the law of the industry as relates to safety and security